Ecologically conscious construction

Embedded Nature promotes the best use of natural ecologically sound building materials with the aim to reduce the environmental impact of the buildings we create & leave a positive legacy for future generations.

Why use natural materials?


The construction industry uses huge amounts of energy & resources each year in the UK. By using natural materials with low embodied energy we can mitigate some of this & reduce the amount of non renewable resources used. Many conventional materials such as building plastics, treated timbers, paints & insulation can all introduce harmful VOC's into the home. The use of natural materials means these chemicals are reduced to a minimum resulting in a healthier home. The use of natural breathable materials can also help to regulate moisture & eliminate damp & mould with in the home.

Retrofit work

Specialising in retro fit work using natural materials such as woodfibre board & insulating lime renders. Working with specialist design partners to specify & install a range of natural healthy insulation & airtightness upgrades to walls, floors & roofs.
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New Build

Experienced in delivering new build natural homes. Working with specialist design partners to realise your new home or extension from materials such as straw bale, hempcrete, straw bale panel systems & light weight timber frames with natural insuation.


James Wilson - working on Skye since 2015 as a joiner & builder. Passionate about ecologically sound construction. Worked on straw bale design & build projects. Experienced with sustainable retrofit techniques, hempcrete & straw bale. Founding member of Skye Sustainable Building Network. Currently woking towards an MSc in Green Building with The Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales.

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